Now is the time - Switch your PBX to VOIP

Traditional telephone systems never let you take control of your service in real-time! With SIPSRUS, you will be able to get a complete hold on all your telephonic functions using our advanced web portal, which will let you order new services, configure your devices and manage all of the functions under one page
SIP Trunking will provide you with all the controls and convenience you always wanted.


SIP Trunking

SIPSRUS SIP Trunking services allow Consumers to get rid of traditional phone companies and make calls directly from your IP PBX or similar VoIP enabled devices over an existing internet connection even on a public internet connection our voice quality will be crispy crystal clear.

What is SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol Trunking or SIP Trunking is a type of connection that can be availed from particular Internet Service Providers or Internet Telephony Service Providers. The concept for this connection is to attach the telephone system of a certain company to its Private Branch Exchange (PBX) using internet servers, which then allows Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
SIP Trunking offers more than just the ability to connect to IP devices. In order to be purposeful, a service provider must offer the minimum of the services stated below:


  • Make calls to anywhere in the world
  • Receive calls on both standard telephone numbers and toll-free numbers
  • Place 911/E911 calls
  • Number portability

You might be wondering why many businesses are using a SIP trunk these days rather than a traditional telephone trunk line, well for starters the technology is utilized mainly because of its cost reduction nature and better growth capabilities compared to the latter. On average businesses are saving up to 50% on their telecommunication cost without the long return of investments that most business solutions have.

Flexible Billing Plans

SIPSRUS offers flexible billing plans for its customers to match their requirements. Whether it's a small, medium or even a large sized firm. Usually the billing plans are offered on a monthly basis but the term can altered on the customers' request.

Business Grade Features and Functionality

SIPSRUS’s SIP Trunking service provides you with everything you need to move to SIP trunking and/or setup details.

Outbound Calling
Our customers can call anywhere in the world with guaranteed savings of 50% - 70% over other service providers.

Inbound Calling
With a SIPSRUS account, our customers can get as few or as many numbers according to their requirement. You will also have the ability to keep your existing numbers and get new numbers whenever you want. You can choose from a wide range of numbers; local or international.

Toll Free Calling
To stay in touch with your customers, we can provide you with a toll free number or you can also choose to keep the existing toll free number. With SIPSRUS SIP Trunking, toll free numbers are pointed to IP addresses vs. DID number. This provides additional convenience to our valued customers.

Emergency Services
Your safety is our first priority. SIPSRUS supports the cause of both 911 calling and E911 calling wherever it is obtainable. All accounts in the United States are assigned an emergency location; however, our users have full access to add additional locations whenever they want.

Call detail record:

We provide real time statistics for call records and details of the calls with the capability of generating different reports based on different query. For example you have 800 number in your business and you are running an advertisement, at end of day or during the day you can see how many people call on 800 number, their names and phone numbers, you will be able to generate that report on click of couple of buttons.

Today information is power:

We provider you better information to be able to run your business in the better shape of form.

Accurate Billing
The SIPSRUS billing platform is created to provide our customers with the convenience to check their billing information whenever they want with only a single click. Our billing platform is synchronized with our Advanced User Portal to provide the customer with easy access to their minute usage, current bill etc.

Advanced User Portal
Our Advanced user portal gives our customers the liberty to keep everything in their hands. Real time billing statements, number ordering, number routing, Disaster Recovery Routing management, Caller ID control, and CDR reporting, you name it! All of these services are available just a click away. Just sign in on our Advanced User Portal and everything will be as easy at it will look.

Disaster Recovery Routing
As an investor you make careful assessments before putting in your hard earned money. Yet you may be missing an aspect that can mean the difference between success and failure. The ability of a business to cope with disaster.
With SIPSRUS Disaster Recovery Routing you can automatically failover to back up analog lines, cellular lines or PRI lines in the event of an internet or PBX failure Absolutely FREE. While, other companies charge lots of money for this service, SIPSRUS provides you with service without even charging single pence!

Unbeatable Quality
SIPSRUS delivers its customers with high quality services that no other can match. Our up-to-date technologies help us to monitor, analyze and react to the continuous changes that arise in a network. Our SIP trunking is domain based instead of IP based. Based on these facts we can provide our customer robot solution and service which never goes down. To understand this much better it is just like your exchange server, you could create multi redundancy level and MX-record for your exchange server, our technology works the same way. This keeps us opportunity to provide robot service with 100% no failure or down time. We provide our customer SLA 99.99% uptime without down time.